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Getting the Energy You Want at the Event You Plan is Difficult

If you don't have the right team...

Transitions are awkward and people don't know what to do

There's no energy, your guests are bored, and you're frustrated

The wrong announcements are made and details are lost in the mix

You Need the Right DJ + MC

Sean Specie, the DJ & MC at CoastalSpark Entertainment creates smooth transitions, provides clear cues for guests, and eliminates awkward moments. He injects high energy into your event, captivating your guests and keeping boredom at bay. He guarantees accurate announcements and a keen attention to detail, leaving no room for mix-ups or missed information.


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Your wedding day should be smooth, fun, and stress-free.

You have enough on your mind with mailing invitations, determining seating arrangements, decor, and wedding attire. The one thing you shouldn’t be worrying about is if your special day will be fun!Sean can help with the:
Cocktail Hour
Custom Playlists
Indoor + Outdoor
Sound Equipment
DJ + Emcee


A checklist and template to help you plan the perfect music for your wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception.

Corporate events and meetings should be fun and engaging...

Corporate meetings and events often suffer from a lack of engagement, leaving attendees feeling disinterested and uninvolved.Sean understands the importance of keeping your audience captivated throughout the event. Our expert DJs and charismatic MCs have the ability to read the room, curating the perfect blend of music and announcements that cater to the unique preferences and energy of your attendees. By injecting excitement and interactivity into the atmosphere, Sean ensures that your corporate event becomes an engaging experience where attendees are fully immersed and actively participating.Here are some types of events Sean can help your company host:
Field Days
Corporate Gala
Grand Openings
Product Launch Party
Company Holiday Party
Annual Company Meeting
Sales and Marketing Kickoff
Customer Appreciation Event
Employee Awards Ceremonies

School events should be fun and exciting...

School events should be a source of excitement and enjoyment, but sometimes they fall short, leaving students feeling disengaged.Sean understands the importance of providing captivating entertainment for school events.Sean is skilled in reading the crowd, curating music playlists, and organizing interactive activities that ignite enthusiasm and create an electrifying atmosphere.With Sean, your school event will be transformed into an unforgettable experience that keeps students entertained and fully immersed throughout the entire event.Ask today about your next school event such as the...
Pep Rally
Prom Night
Homecoming Dance
Graduation Ceremony
School Talent Show
School Fundraiser
Back-to-School Bash
Spirit Week Activities
Sports Banquet
Awards and Recognition Assembly


"Sean was the ultimate professional delivering the unique giftedness of preparation and adaptivity to our event. I would recommend Sean 10 times out of 10."
- Nick Westbrook, Chick-fil-A, Hinesville, GA

We have had the pleasure of working with Sean at the Urban Youth Impact Fall Stampede 5k for a few years. He is always kind, easy going, professional and provides excellent feedback post-event to help us improve.
- Jennifer Brown, Urban Youth Impact 5k

“We have just completed our 2nd Leadership Conference where Sean Specie was our EMCEE for the full conference, and he is amazing. He makes sure that the audience is engaged and does a great job filling the dead space with unique tools and tactics to create energy and involvement. He consistently receives great scores from our attendees in our post-conference surveys. And he works hard to meet and connect with everyone who’s attending. We will definitely be using him again.”
- Ken Sobaski, CEO of America’s Thrift Stores


Your guests traveled, got dressed up, and are there to have a good time.
Our emcees and DJs create custom playlists and use crowd engagement tactics to energize the energy at your event..



Every event needs a spark.Since 2011 I've been hosting and the DJ of events for schools, non-profits, and businesses. Over and over again I've seen the power of the right song at the right time, the right announcements made, the right game played and how it sparks something in the audience.Since 2011 I've has hosted, DJ'd, and emcee'd over 650 events for 185,000+ attendees while based in Phoenix, Arizona and Atlanta, Georgia.In 2021 with my wife Natalie moved our family back to Jacksonville, FL and in 2023 I started CoastalSpark to bring this level of care, fun, professionalism, and excellence in events to Northeast Florida and the surrounding areas.Every event needs a spark, and the right song, the right announcement, the right game, the right DJ, the right host can provide that spark. That's why CoastalSpark exists.

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Every event is different. Your event is unique.Start time, end time, number of guests, number of locations, your goals, hopes, audience likes and dislikes, those are all unique to your event.The total amount for your event depends on the length of your event, how much time is needed to prepare, the amount of equipment, etc.

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